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  • Sanjna Malpani

    Sanjna Malpani

    Cleantech, Mobility & Energy access enthusiast. Former Tree-hugger @Yale; Splitting my time between Bombay & Nairobi but my heart is in San Francisco.

  • Rahil Sayed

    Rahil Sayed

  • Pallavi S

    Pallavi S

    Passionate about the intersection between technology, education and mental health

  • Scott H. Young

    Scott H. Young

    Author of WSJ best selling book: Ultralearning www.scotthyoung.com | Twitter: @scotthyoung

  • Shivani Goel

    Shivani Goel

    The world of stories is a probability after all!

  • Cyrus Sethna

    Cyrus Sethna

    Co-Founder at EASA. We deal in all visa related needs for Indian passport holders as well as Citizenship via Investment Programs across the world

  • Zarir Marfatia

    Zarir Marfatia

    'A Medium for Media' is a blog that breaks down the latest business models of the Media & Entertainment industry, in the age of high-tech. © Zarir Marfatia

  • Mahesh Agrawal

    Mahesh Agrawal

  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

    Dad, husband, President, citizen.

  • Maya Isharani

    Maya Isharani

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